Nairobi Dental Care
World Ministries

Nairobi Dental Care clinics are provided for you by World Ministries International (WMI).  WMI is a non-profit organization based in Stanwood, Washington USA.   You can reach us at or P.O. Box 277, Stanwood, WA  98292, +1 360 629-5248.  May God richly bless you!


To faithfully speak to the nations of the world, proclaiming the kingdom of God: giving warning to political and church leaders, the church, and society of the return of Jesus Christ. We are sounding the alarm for the nations to turn from sin and to draw near to God. Our purpose is to influence and transform the nations bringing peace, blessings and prosperity. We are endeavoring to meet emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs through the love of Jesus Christ.


  • To reach 100% of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To change the destiny of nations through reconciliation with God.
  • To bring truth and restoration to the body of Christ and to set people free from bondage.
  • To strengthen and unite followers of Jesus Christ into an army to do battle against Satan and the anti-Christ spirit.
  • To obtain 2,000 Intercessors in every country in which we minister.